Work-life Balance

Getting your work-life balance right is key.

My description of this is from aviation - I am a helicopter pilot.

When you fly a helicopter - you have several flight indicators which help you to fly. You can see in the picture seven large dials.

If just one of those large dials is 'out of balance' then the helicopter will not fly properly.

You can apply those dials to your life - one can be hobbies, one can be work, another family, another health. These need to be in balance.

I think getting the right balance right in your life is absolutely essential. 

It's not all just and I believe often the things you do outside of work are more important than your job. Infact your other life outside of work will help you function better at work and make you feel better as a person.

There is no such thing as "not enough time".

These are some of the things I spend my time doing outside of work :

Education - I enjoy teaching and learning. I work as a Governor at Cheltenham College which is very satisfying.  I also work with The Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester on The Grand Idea.

Sport - here I am focussed on playing and coaching hockey and running an ex-internationals club called the Ladykillers. I am a keen diver.

Farming and nature - this is a big part of my life. I am rearing pedigree belted galloway cattle and nature and conservation are a keen interest.

Travel - I am a regular traveller to India - particularly Kerala and have discovered an amazing island called Bangaram Island.

Photography - this is something I am learning and I combine it with all my interests. 

Pro-bono work - this is work I do for free. See our Community pages of our company website to see more.