Get the basics right

I often say to myself - 

"I wish someone had told me that when I started my business !"


  • No 1 - KEEP IT SIMPLE !  (short, clear and to the point)
  • Know your subject, be passionate about it and stay focussed
  • Have a laser-like focus on strategy execution - use the balanced scorecard approach 
  • Hire great people (better ones than you !)
  • Always trust your instincts
  • Look outside the window every day or the world will pass you by.
  • Try and be a "centre of excellence" in everything your business does
  • Performing well in business has similar focus needed to perform well in sport.
  • Determination, discipline, hard work, training are all part of a good business.
  • Create happy customers and you will create a good business.
  • Happy customers bring more customers......
  • Ask yourself would all my customers recommend me ? If not - do something to correct it !
  • Read and listen - pay attention .............and learn something.
  • Keep learning - read your industry publications.
  • I built a business listening to advice - you'd be amazed how many don't take advice and act upon it.
  • The more in life you give out - the more that comes back to you
  • There is no such thing as "not enough time"
  • Think positive and try to turn negatives into positives.
  • Avoid negative people !
  • Listen to what your customers want and act on what they say - good things happen when you pay attention.
  • Data underlies every decision. If the data is bad, the decision will be bad.
  • IT can deliver a massive competitive advantage - but you are only as good as your last result.
  • IT is great for taking a world-class process which can be introduced at an affordable cost.
  • Think about WMD Words Music and Dance - the words you say, music - tone and speed of your speech, and Dance - your body language. Watch the person you are talking to and learn their "tells".
  • Discover - "What good looks like ?" - and make sure you are better.
  • Punch above your weight. Aim high.
  • Act like the best, look like the best, and you could become one of the best.
  • A superb professional brochure and website is essential.
  • Develop a good business strategy - build a 4 part plan - customers, operations, people and finance.
  • Networking can help build a great business - I proved this with Enable Software
  • Focus on creating customer delight.
  • Trust in young people - I made a 16 year old the Managing Director !
  • Keep a good work / life balance
  • Entrepreneurs are most effective when they are rested. Often the best ideas come away from work.
  • Above all .........never give up !

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