The five P's

If you are an aviation pilot you will have learned the phrase PPPPP.


Before they start their journey all pilots have to plan a route. They must know which direction they are going in before stepping into a plane.

The same applies to your business. How can you build a business or your strategy plan if you have not planned your route.

What are your aims and goals ? Where is your aircraft heading to ?

For instance - Do you want to grow the company by x% in the next 3 years ?

What does that mean ?

Customer base
Product throughput
Product types
Size of premises
Number of sites / offices
Number of staff

Once you know where you are headed you then must have a true look at where you are now. Be honest with yourself and you will define your route quicker.

Define your "Here and Now" and your "GOAL" - with these two you can plan the route and then the milestones for your action plan.

So back to the pilot example - here and now we are at London Airport with no fuel and we are flying to Hawaii. We realise that we need to refuel now and because its so far we need to refuel again on the journey - so perhaps we land at Los Angeles for more fuel. We also realise that the pilots will be tired so we need to rest them ....and so the plan begins to build......