Part 5 - Community

In all your planning it is important to think about the community around you. What are you putting back ?


You will be amazed at how time flies running a business - 10 years can pass by in a flash.

After doing those 10 years - ask yourself - Who did I help along the way ? - What did I do for my community locally and nationally and perhaps even worldwide ? - What did I give to charity ? 

I have split my Community Plan into helping in 4 areas - SPORT / EDUCATION / HEALTHCARE / ENVIRONMENT. 

This is not just about being green but about a whole load of areas of your business. To be honest it is one area that brings me the most satisfaction.  After making the profit how can we spend it to help our employees and those around us.

For example ..... looking after your employees - we have a 'continuous improvement programme' - we ask them what would they like improved. 

I have long been a firm believer that we all need to work together on this planet.

During my fifteen years of business I have been "beaten up" / 'shafted' (....every word you can think of!) by many people ...and for what ? In the end their gain is short term and for very little.

In the UK especially - our country is very small. We all need to make a profit to exist. Tell the big corporates that message ! 

Ironically a few people who work for big corporates have shafted me have then years later asked me for a job ! Amazing ...... they must have very short memories.

We all have to learn to live together and do business together.

In my business we try to help the community around us as much as possible.

If you are interested in how we do this - many details are shown on the community and values pages of our website at DCS Europe plc .

When looking at your business plan - my advice would be to think COMMUNITY as much as possible.......after all - what goes around comes around !

Try reading ....the Vanishing Face of Gaia by James Lovelock.