Thoughts count

Did you know that saying "Well done" to a member of staff can be worth more in motivation value than by giving a pay rise ! So remember to say WELL DONE.

It is very common for people out there to be thoughtless. In the busy world of business sometimes people forget that we all share this planet and we all need to get on with each other.

How many people bother to say thank you ? - very few do ! If you get a pay rise or a Christmas bonus - send your boss a thank you note.


I am a firm believer in Karma and the saying ....."What goes around comes around".

Always remember to write a letter to thank people (try to avoid emailing). A handwritten note is always good as long as your handwriting is good !

Remember to thank your staff.

Remember to buy flowers or champagne when people do well.

Remember to send a birthday card.

These are all small things but they matter.