Rules for Meetings

Meetings ...meetings ...meetings.  What a nightmare - all those meetings.

The RULES - Keep it brief - Keep it focussed - Make notes - Follow up next steps


Make sure you have monthly management or board meeting to discuss last months' financial accounts. The meeting should be maximum 3 hours long.

Make the meeting agenda productive.  These are top tips -

•1.       Always talk through good and bad news.

•2.       Do a Profit and Loss by the 10th of the month. All board papers to arrive with Board members 7 days in advance to allow one weekend to read them.

•3.       Always approve minutes of last meeting. These are the official notes and decisions must be held on record and in writing.

•4.       Always have a next steps sheet with Action points / by whom / by when.

•5.       Declarations of any "conflicts of interest".

•6.       Try to not have "any other business (AOB)" - keep it all on the agenda.

•7.       All papers brought to the meeting must have a cover sheet with reason why the point is brought to the meeting. Give choices of options, their merits and a recommendation. It is easier then to make a decision.

•8.       All papers succinct and to the point

•9.       All acronyms written in full with the acronym in brackets.

•10.   The agenda belongs to the chair. Do not simply copy & paste it every month.

•11.   Make time at the end to ask Board if they feel progress is being made.

A great way to dis-empower your board is to get them discussing the wrong issues !