Measure performance

Do not underestimate the importance of having great software !

Remember :

  • Data underlies every decision. If the data is bad, the decision will be bad.
  • IT can deliver a massive competitive advantage - but you are only as good as your last result.
  • IT is great for taking a world-class process which can be introduced at an affordable cost.

Early on when I wanted some bespoke software to help me grow my business I struggled to find it. I have since spoken to so many users of Sage or giant systems like SAP and so often I hear the need for simple effective bespoke software.

"We just want a report exactly the way we do things" is a common request.

That's why I started my own software companies Enable and Enable Infomatrix. Some of the clients we now work with are listed below.

We focus on taking data and presenting it in a tailored way. A way that is easy to understand, effective and delivers a return on investment.

Whatever software you decide to use for your business it is vital that you have your finger "on the pulse".

I will try and describe some of the reports that we have in my business and that may help you create your own. Excel is a useful tool and can be used to start with.