Cut cut cut costs

We aim to cut all costs by 10% every year !

Try it - it is very hard !

Looking at how we can cut costs is a passion of mine.

These are some of the areas to look at carefully : 

"Get three quotes !"
It is very easy when you buy something to keep using the same supplier over and over's convenient.

However I can assure you it always pays to "get three quotes".

Since the arrival of the internet it is easy to compare prices.  There are many websites that help you compare prices. For instance Money Supermarket

Use google to help find best prices. I have found the Amazon website very good and also do not forget Amazon Marketplace - these are retailers who are selling their products within the Amazon website.

At my company we have purchased items at 60% cheaper with some web research.

"10% reduction on costs"

Aim to reduce your costs by 10% per annum. Yes that's a tough challenge but believe me its worth tasking yourself or your company.

Be cheeky - Go to your supplier and say I need this to cost 10% less. Even the garage that services your car may be able to help reduce their charge to you. Try it - you will surprise yourself.

Do not be afraid to switch suppliers !

Rebates or retrospective discounts

I have found this is an area where many companies simply do not have a good system to record what rebates they should be getting and how they Invoice it and track payment. We have written software systems to track this - see our software company Enable.