Kill or be killed !

How could we..... if we were really focussed ......actually double our sales !

...and can we do it in 12 months ? 


 Or has your company or some of your employees lost their hungry - killer instinct ?

You can rest assured if you do not have the killer instinct your competition probably do !

How really hungry is your salesteam - do your sales people come to you with new ideas and new wins ?

On a scale of 1 to 10 - how good are you at getting new business and winning new sales ? ...really ?

Why not just go mad and aim for 100% growth  ...what would that take ?

Sometimes you really have to think seriously 'out of the box' to get the answer.

There are useful websites like which can help you gain contacts. Do your sales people ever use it ?

Are there new ways of winning sales - like the internet ?  Don't ignore it - your children use it and so does most of the business world now !