Never "assume"


When things go wrong - how many times have I heard the excuse

"I assumed they would have known".


Don't assume people have common sense. There is a saying "Common sense is not common"

Time and time again I have seen so many things go wrong because people assumed something when they should not have done so.

Imagine you are a 747 airline pilot - you do not change altitude without instructions from air traffic control. Infact you do not assume anything when you fly an aircraft. The pilot gets instructions from air traffic control and then has to repeat them back by way of confirmation.  Apply the same to your business - give clear instructions and make sure people understand them.

Don't assume your staff know your strategy plan - you must communicate it.

Even if you have a system for doing things - check its actually being done ! Don't assume.

The next time you take a flight listen and you might hear the pilot say "prepare doors for departure and cross check". The flight attendants have a strict routine to check the door is locked or unlocked. They check and recheck and then even phone each other to check again - they NEVER ASSUME.

"There is no excuse" - if in doubt you should ask a question.