My three tips for Charities to focus on :

  • Outreach
  • Advocacy
  • Asking for money

Much of what charities do is down to outreach.  For instance 1000 people paying a £500 membership fee would create £500,000 !

Many charities do not perform their outreach well.  This is a basic task.

Charities need to advertise themselves well. They need advocates of their brand. Charity ambassadors.  Again often this is not done well.

Asking for money
This is really the last part. 

They are ways of asking for money that are easier than others. For instance the charity Macmillan runs an event called Macride.  This is only £10 to enter and has a sponsored cycle jersey.  The man running this event raises £55,000 in a day !  That is a great way to ask for money - let people have fun doing it.