Many problems are caused by a breakdown in communication and good businesses have good communiction.

I have seen in many businesses small and large where there is a lack of communication. Getting the basics right is vital.

Do not send an email unless you get your facts right....check and double check before pressing 'send'. 

I remember my old bank manager sent me a heavy handed email that was totally incorrect. He had his facts and figures wrong. It caused great upset - he was totally at fault. This was very poor communication and in the end we ended up moving bank. Often better to pick up the phone than send an email.

Good communication is about getting the basics right -

Make sure you have proper meetings. Make sure there is a written agenda and someone takes meeting notes. Agree the "next steps" at the end of the meeting - who is going to do what and by when.

Emails are not a great way of communicating. Make sure that you pick up the phone.

Communicate your strategy - it will help your employees understand more.